A downloadable game for Windows

While the war rages to hold back a Goblin invasion, the King's Champion must embark on a desperate quest to save the kingdom.

Goblin Harvest - The Mighty Quest is a procedurally-generated retro strategy/adventure/RPG/deck-building game. It's like playing a board game and a "choose your own adventure" at the same time, where the two parts of the game connect and intertwine in a variety of exciting and intriguing ways.


Turn-based strategy, post-modern text adventuring, Goblin hordes, procedural randomness, board game mechanics, RPG progression, mortal combat, magic spells, NPCs, exploration, fortifications, camp fires, foraging, mining, tall tales, Elf and Dwarf Armies, a Goblin kitchen, horse riding, day & night, huge swords, seasons, hostile beds of nettles, deck-building, music and birdsong, magic mirrors, fishing, monster lairs, weather events, lost towns, Goblin Harvests, high scores, multiple difficulty levels, 2 player co-op, tutorial, designed for replayability






Game design and programming by Ian Williams
Artwork by Janette Ramos
Music by Ian Williams and Jack Williams

Install instructions

The installation might also add OpenAl32.dll to your computer. This is a harmless library from Creative Labs that the game requires for audio. For more info, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenAL.


Goblin Harvest (TRIAL v1.2.9) (169 MB)